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Pinelake Hash

"Because life is too short to drink cheap beer"

Next Hash: Pinelake #1437-- Silverbacks Hash House Hooligans!

When: April 4, 2015 2:30pm
Where: Graves Park
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Star Whore and Lawrence of a Labia


Hares: Star Whore and Lawrence of a Labia...You like to drink. You like to sing. You like to wear funny clothes. You like to swear. You're half-way to hooligan! Join us for the hash and for support of the ATLANTA SILVERBACKS! Tailgate and match on-after. Bring food and grillables for tailgate! NOTE THE LATER START TIME!

From the hare:
"NO DOGS! No strollers on trail (okay at tailgate if you're bringing kiddos to the game). NO DOGS! Bimbos will be put to work (shuttling, etc), but your parking at the the stadium will be paid for in appreciation of your efforts!"

Bring usual hashing gear: snapping turtle repellent, snake swatting stick, hooligan attire, body paint, sunscreen, bug spray, a good attitude, red and yellow cards, dry shoes and socks and clothes, clean drawers, a few of your closest friends, a camp chair, a hearty thirst for good beer, a healthy appetite for orange food, a sense of humor and a song for circle and a song/ chant for the match!

Extra Special Instructions:  The hash is $8...and you do not have to go to the game. If you want to go to the game and you haven't gotten your ticket yet, contact Star Whore ASAP (see below). Tickets are $15 before the match. There should be tickets available at the door if you wait until the very last minute, but there are no guarantees! We will tailgate at the park and have a couple of grills going...BRING YOUR OWN MEAT! Extra grills are appreciated! Your $8 covers beer, softies, and orange food only! If you want to bring other goodies, feel free to do so. You can also bring your own beer to the tailgate, only we kindly ask that you do not bring glass bottles! If you must, pour your bottled beer into a plastic cup. THERE ARE NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED IN THE PARK!

You must pay to park in the Silverbacks lot at the game/ tailgate. We STRONGLY suggest and encourage carpooling!

Concessions, beer, and other souvenirs will be on sale at the bring some extra cash.

If you are going to the game...WEAR RED AND BLACK (and your kilt if you have it)!!! Body and face paint encouraged :)! COME ON SILVERBACKS!!!


You get BEER! You get ORANGE FOOD! 
NOTE THE LATER START-- 2:30pm gather, get sent off for bad behavior at 3:00pm (tailgating begins at 4:00 and game starts at 7:30)

Graves Park 1540 Graves Road, Norcross, GA 30092 

  • Take I-85 North to Exit 96 PLEASANTDALE ROAD
  • Merge onto Access Road
  • Continue straight on DAWSON BLVD
  • Remember what we said about carpooling? Yeah, we weren't kidding!
  • Look for hashers puzzled by the off sides rule...

Link to Google Map: (yeah, same start as the last few Hooligan Hashes) 

Your run counts are posted here:

UPCUMMING EVENTS: April 25-- PROM FROM HELL, May 2-- Commie Hash, May 30-- Fort Yargo Campout (with SoCo and CCROTCHHH)

We need hares for the following datesAPRIL 25MAY 9MAY 23, and all of June. Email Star Whore at terrinh73(at)gmail(dot)com to sign up!

Your run counts are posted here:

Get yer tickets for the Silverbacks Opening Day match!

--> You can pay Star Whore $15 

--> OR- You can send Star Whore money via PayPal! Send to terrinh73(at)gmail(dot)com

--> THEN send Star Whore an email with your hash name and nerd name confirming your purchase (same addy as PayPal account).

DROP DEAD DATE FOR TICKETS IS 3/30!!! It's okay if you just "let me know" and pay me later, but I need to know so I can purchase our ticket block. Tickets are General Admission.

Who's coming?

Don't Let Your Son Go Down on Me 
Get Outta My Orifice 
Touching Cotton 
Star Whore 

Lawrence of a Labia

Yoron Weed 
Double Suck 
Lick Hole Ah
Cluster F**k
Hide the Salami 
Long and Red +1
Just Katie
Catatonic Colonic +1
@ss We Go
Scared of Pvssy 
Just Abby 
Rat's @ss 
Boner Rooter 
Red Ball Corner Pocket 
Just Emily 
Just Patrick 
Little Willy 
Wrong Jeremy 
Lollic*ck Guild 
Stupid Is As Stupid Does 
Easy Head Job 
Dead Pecker
Just Amanda

Fistfully Conservative






PH3 Information

The Pinelake Hash House Harriers runs in and around Atlanta, GA every Saturday at 2:30pm. Come join us if you like to drink beer and don't mind a little running/jogging.

More information about the hash can be found on the PH3 information page

Read Pinelake hash trashes at

Join in the discussion at the Pinelake Hash forum

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